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Remembering Neil Davidson (1957-2020)

Join comrades and friends in an online event to remember Neil Davidson who died on 3 May 2020.

Neil Davidson was a socialist militant and a highly innovative Marxist historian and sociologist, a member of revolutionary socialism in the 21st century (rs21), a prominent figure in the Scottish left and a lecturer at Glasgow University.Speakers:

* Sara Bennett (opening remarks, Unite / rs21)
* Alex Law (friend and comrade)
* Michelle Campbell (friend and PCS)
* Steve Edwards (HM editorial board)
* Cat Boyd (Radical Independence Campaign)
* Jamie Allinson (Salvage editorial board)
* Smina Akhtar (contributor, No Problem Here)
* Charlie Post (Spectre Journal editorial board)
* Maureen McBride (Contributor, No Problem Here)
* Raymond Morell (Unite / rs21 / Conter editorial board)
* Open mic for memories and tributes

You can read an obituary by Neil’s friend and comrade Raymond Morell and add your own memories and pictures here:…/obituary-neil-davidson-1957…/

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