The Authoritarian Turn: Global Neoliberalism in Crisis

Will capitalism become more authoritarian as a result of the Corona virus? World renowned political economist Alfredo Saad-Filho argues that around the world neoliberalism is in the grip of three overlapping crises: the sharpest economic contraction in the history of capitalism; the disintegration of ‘liberal democracy’, and COVID-19. This session will examine the political economy of these crises, their relationships, and the authoritarian turn in these three domains. Join us for a talk in which Professor Saad-Filho will consider these trends, and discuss how the left should respond.

Bio: Alfredo Saad-Filho is a Brazilian socialist, writer and academic. He is Professor of Political Economy and International Development in the Department of International Development at King’s College London. He is the author of numerous books, including: Brazil: Neoliberalism versus DemocracyMarx’s ‘Capital‘; and Neoliberalism: A Critical Reader

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