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Karma Nabulsi: The Struggle for Justice in Palestine

Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to begin a huge operation in July of this year to occupy and formally annexe huge new swathes of land in the West Bank. In the current global crisis, which Netenyahu describes as a “historic opportunity”, the Israeli military is beginning its preparations to annex 30 percent of what remains of the West Bank. This will lead to the construction of major new settlements which the Israeli government has already announced will be off limits to Palestinians who’s land will be seized. Additionaly, many Palestinian cities and population centers will now be completely surrounded by what would become Israeli sovereign territory.

In the UK, however, we have heard nothing about this. Instead there has been an campaign waged against anyone declaring solidarity with Palestine, with prominent supporters of international justice, such as Jeremy Corbyn, being smeared as an anti-semite and a terrorist sympathizer. Palestinians speaking up about injustices in their homeland have also been the target of vicious attacks. This amounts to the silencing of Palestinian voices, and it has to stop.

Bio: Karma Nabulsi is a leading member of the global movement for justice in Palestine. From 1977-1990 she was an international spokesperson for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), serving at the UN, and in Beirut, Tunis and in the UK.Karma is a lecturer in the Politics and International Relations Department at Oxford University, where she has served as director of the famous “Politics, Philosophy, Economics” (PPE) program, as well as the Director of Graduate Research. She is the author of numerous books on political thought, the legal aspects of warfare, and Palestinian history.

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