General Election 2024: The Return of the Centre or Looming Chaos?

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Conter co-editors Jonathon Shafi and David Jamieson discuss a General Election that has bored many and caused much of the public to tune-out. But does this peculiar election actually reveal instability at the heart of the system?

  • The establishment politicians agree on Gaza and are keen not to talk about it and the potential for an expanding war in the Middle East. But could this destabilise the incoming government?
  • How bad could things get for the Conservatives and what structural factors are driving their collapse?
  • How has Farage changed the debate and could he shape the fallout of the election to his advantage?
  • Will there be a post-election realignment on the right?
  • What are the consequences of the SNP’s decline for Scotland?
  • What does it all mean for the socialist left?

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