How You Can Support the Rail Strikers

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The rail strikes are a crucial early battle in the fight to defend the living standards of workers.

The first day of strike action on 21 June by rail workers across Scotland, England and Wales has shaken the UK Government and it’s media outriders.

The fight over defending jobs, pay, conditions and pensions in the wake of massive cuts by central government is an early and crucial battle in the fight to protect living standards from spiralling costs and government attacks. Success in the three day strike – which continues on the 23rd and 25th – could embolden other groups of workers to take action to defend their pay and conditions.

Post workers, teachers and NHS workers are among other groups currently considering their approach to spiralling prices and real-terms pay cuts.

This current fight is, therefore, key to developing an alternative to more years of falling wages and upward wealth redistribution. Ways you can show your support include:

  1. – Donating to the RMT’s national strike fund. This can be done by individuals, groups or organisations.
  2. – Attending picketing of major stations on the 23rd and 25th: Glasgow Central 7am-3pm, Edinburgh Waverly 6am-3pm. Follow @RMT_Scotland for updates on events elsewhere.
  3. – Reading about the facts of the strike from the RMT and sharing their information – there’s a lot of deliberate confusion being sown by the government and many media outlets.
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