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ConterCast Debate #2: The Left on Brexit

In the final podcast of the year, we debate the left’s strategy on Brexit at a time of absolute crisis. Recorded on December 17, the debate is moving on rapidly due to developments in the UK parliament. However, many of the points made will certainly be relevant in the coming weeks and months.

The panellists are: Jonathon Shafi, co-founder of the Radical Independence Campaign, and Kirsty Haigh, Scotland Organiser with Another Europe is Possible. Jonathon is advocating a ‘Lexit’ position and believes leaving the European Union is the best course of action from a leftist perspective. Kirsty believes that the left should fight for a referendum on the final deal and fight to remain in the EU and reform it.

The debate is hosted by Conter founding editor Jonathan Rimmer. He will be moving on from the site in the new year and passes on a message of thank you to all contributors and readers at the start of the podcast. A new editor will take the reins in the new year.

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