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Conter vs Corona Lecture 4 – Tithi Bhattacharya on Feminism & the Pandemic

Social Reproduction Theory has been championed by marxist feminists as a way of deepening our understanding of everyday life under capitalism. By analyzing issues such as child care, health care, education, family life and the roles of gender, race and sexuality, it disects the relationship between economic exploitation and social oppression. In this lecture, professor Thithi Bhattacharya will discuss this in the light of the corona virus pandemic, offering a way for feminists and the left to understand the impacts of the virus, and how we can organize to confront them.

Bio: Tithi Bhattacharya is a Marxist historian and activist, writing extensively on gender and the politics of Islamophobia. She has been active in movements for social justice throughout her life, spearheading campaigns across three continents. She is the Professor of South Asian History at Purdue University and the author of numerous books, including Social Reproduction Theory (2017) and Feminism for the 99% (2019). Her writing has been published in the The Guardian, Journal of Asian Studies, Electronic Intifada, International Socialist Review, Monthly Review, Jacobin, Salon and the New Left Review.




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