Protest: Cost of Living Crisis – We Can’t Pay

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Protests are being held across the UK against the rising cost of living and falling wages.

Recent announcements from the UK Government and Bank of England (BoE) have given us the strongest indications yet that the establishment intend to recover from recent years of economic dislocation by depressing the living standards of the majority.

The governor of the BoE has predicted a 7% rate of inflation in the coming year, called for the further suppression of already falling wages, and told households to prepare for the worst attack on living standards in decades.

After the announcement of a £700 per year increase in energy bills for households, the UK Government offered a feeble £200 loan in response. Of course, governments will side with the corporate monopolies who dominate the energy industry and so much of our economy.

The Scottish Government and the official opposition have indicated nothing of the urgency of the situation facing millions of households. It falls to us to demand that those who have profited throughout the pandemic, now shoulder the fallout of the new economic situation.

We urge readers, as a first step, to attend the People’s Assembly protests wherever they are. In addition to protests across Britain, there are two protests currently scheduled in Scotland.


Saturday 12 Feb, 1pm

George Square


Saturday 12 Feb, 1pm

UK Government HQ in Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth House,

1 Sibbald Walk, Edinburgh EH8

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