Class and Ecology: Events During COP26

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In coming weeks, Scotland will host COP26. As the rich and powerful assert their interests, workers, communities and social movements will be demanding ecological and social justice.

The COP26 conference is likely to pose elite solutions to the environmental crisis. But workers in Scotland are fighting for pay and conditions, with the high-profile event highlighting the value of the work which makes society function. We urge our readers to do everything they can to support council workers, Scotrail workers and any groups of workers engaged in action in the coming weeks.

During the concept itself, People’s Assembly are organising a rally to draw together workers’ struggles with the wider questions raised by the climate crisis. Click here to join the rally for free.

You can also join leafletting sessions to build the rally:

Hospitality workers in in Scotland will experience new pressures during the international event, which is attracting some 30,000 delegates. But they will be expected to continue to work with poor pay and conditions. In response, Unite Hospitality will be hosting a conference to organise and international push to improve workers‘ rights in the sector globally.

On Friday 5 November, Climate Strike will be joined by numerous campaigns in marching through Glasgow to demand action on climate change.

We are happy to update our campaigns section for social movement events – please email [email protected] to inform us of your event.

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