Marxism 101: A 10 week course

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Conter invites you to a 10 week course exploring the contemporary relevance of Marxist ideas

Covid-19 and the developing economic, social and political crisis has left many questioning our capitalist system. How can we best analyse the current system and what alternatives are there?

Through weekly Zoom meetings over 10 weeks, this course explores the building blocks of Marxism and aims to help participants think through how the Marxist method might be relevant today.

No prior reading or experience required, and the course is open to all. After an initial virtual gathering to get to know each other, each week’s 1.5 hour meeting will begin with a brief presentation on the week’s topic followed by peer discussion aiming to help participants develop their own ideas about the condition of our world.


1: Meet and Greet Session (22 July)

2: What is Marxism? (29 July)

3: Class in the 21st Century (05 August)

4: Imperialism and Global Economy

5: Race and Racialised Capitalism (19 August)

6: Gender and Gendered Capitalism (26 August)

7: Nations and Nationalism (02 September)

8: The State (09 September)

9: Ecology (16 September)

10: Socialist Strategies: How Do We Organise to Transform Society? (23 September)

To register, or for more info, you can email Conter’s Education Team at Please include:



-Phone Number

-Organisation/ Trade Union (if applicable)

-A few lines outlining the reasons for your interest in signing up to this 10- week course.

Please note: places for this course are limited. Conter’s Education Team will get in touch to confirm your attendance on the course and send further details.

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